About Her

Vanida Dang is passionate about art ( Pop Art with Wesselmann, Lichtenstein Rauschenberg, Hockney...), and music ( Electro and Glam rock period) from where she draws her inspiration. Her vision : to give strength to women so that they feel free and unique with strong and iconic pieces so that we only see them !

Brand DNA is Vintage/Mix Glam chic with a twist using modern and trendy material and colors. The patterns are from the Art Deco period with repetitive patterns and geometry. The material are using silk, coton, or embroideries, jaquard and python or flowery motives, sequins, folied gold fabrics. Our iconic pieces are pencil skirts, and UNISEX suits.

Brand DNA is the 50s style with glamorous actresses like Maryline Monroe, Elisabeth Taylor or Sofia Loren as inspiration. Art deco and geometric patterns. Gold, Silver and foiled fabrics, embroideries, Jaquard silk. #Glamorous #50s #Retrochic #bespokeluxuryvintage #luxuryliving

Involved socially, she is active in the social community, as a sponsor of local youth integration missions and organizations, she also supports silk workshops in Cambodia, Art and Creation with young directors and musicians. Concerning our manufacturing, packing, logistic process, our approach is also supportive, by entrusting companies that facilitate the integration through work of disabled or precarious workers.

Fabrics come from Asia, Japan, the cut and the patronages are made in Italy and China

Her vision is global getting strength and inspiration from Hong Kong, China, Paris, Tokyo and Milan. Fashion United, Campaign Paris, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, New York, Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Milano, Daikanyama....



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